Keď ich sebadôležitosť otriasa tou našou

Self Importance
I see many people have a very bad opinion about self importance. But when others selfimportance is annoying to us… isnt our selfimportance that is trembling to that ? Sorcerers choose to leave selfimportnace in order to save some energy, but never for their principle, they have no principle.The simple definition of “principle” says a lot
“a fundamental truth or proposition that serves as the foundation for a system of belief or behavior or for a chain of reasoning.” There is no fundamental truth , or a fundamental belief, sorceres choose to learn another description of the world in order to have two complete descriptions.When this happens all things, and descriptions became equals…all things, all creatures, all beliefs, all choises, all colors, all tastes, all men are equal (equal to womens also… ).So for a man without selfimportance there is no selfimportance when someone brag about himself for example…his behavior is equal to a man behavior who is praying in a church…both need to do that…we dont care why… couse all action of all humans are equal, they lead nowhere…Modesty and the humility of a sorcerer is also equal to selfimportance of a hollywood star(we dont defend a principle that we had learned). But the differnece is in the effects anyone experience..One is easy to sustain and dont drain u from energy the other is hard and need a lot of energy to be susteined, but both actions are equals…Nothing is good or bad in this world, being a killer is hard couse many people hunt u to kill u , or lock you in jail for your acts…being a monk is easy couse no one will make your life a hell.One action is expensive in terms of energy the other is free…so sorcerers need energy they are very greedy with theyr energy…so they will not spend it for nonsenses…Another thing about selfimportance is tooking ourselfs very serious, being very serious about stupid things from our life will drive us to madness, all our actions must be the actions of an actor playing.Dont take your role in serious or u will end your acts as drama… Lack of self importance occur when controled fooly or acting occur.Being an actor erase self importance. be sober and serious when u “SEE” the world(the world is not what people do) and be an actor when you “look” at the world. Make the difference between seeing and looking. Self importance people are still people… so talk open to all of them, dont stigmatize them only couse you think u are better …u are not , you are not worse also, you are his equal…there is no leading role in this “play” called “life”

Gabriel Dragomirescu 


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