Pozvánka na podujatie

Dnes som dostala od Ruizovcov mail, v ktorom je pozvánka na nejaké celotýždenné internetové podujatie s celým štábom spíkrov. Dávam to sem pre tých, čo by mali záujem. Keďže je angličtina povinná, nebudem prekladať:

Dear helar
Recently I attended and spoke at a truly unique transformation event on unlocking your natural gifts and brilliance called SuperheroYou.
They are having the next gathering online and you can have a complimentary spot below and watch at home with us.
What Are Your Superpowers? 
You have special powers. Everyone does. But sadly, precious few ever discover what they are and how to unleash them.

But now you can learn how to unleash all of

this incredible superpower.
I’m talking about your mind’s superpowers:
Amazing memory
Boundless Imagination 
Focus and Mindfullness  
An ability to naturally learn new skills
The kind of superpowers that can mean more success and transformation  in both in your personal and work life.
My good friend Jim Kwik of SuperheroYou is your guide who will show you how to unleash your mind’s superpowers.
And he’s invited 12 other guides, like Deepak Chopra, to help him do it by telling you how they do it, and how you can do it, too.
I’m talking about practical and effective mental powers they never teach you in school – superpowers ranging from mindful focus and dream recall to optimizing brain health and entering the effortless state of “flow”.
It’s the first Brainpower for Success Online Summit, and he’s giving you a complimentary pass!

Your super-mind awaits. Just click here to claim your spot.

I highly recommend you join this transformation summit.  It’s life and brainchanging information that you and your family need to know about.

Here’s just some of what you’ll discover on these not-to-be-missed interviews:

– How to turn an ordinary brain into a superbrain

– How to overcome any learning disability, including ADD and dyslexia — and turn it into an advantage

– How to deal with addiction to gadgets and gizmos

– How to raise smart and happy children

– How to remember anything about your past–and how doing so can change your life

– The four qualities of a great entrepreneurial mind.
Which ones do you have? Which do you lack? And
how to develop more of the qualities you need.

– A simple way to double your focus and concentration- How to achieve a “Velcro memory”

– How your brain may be sabotaging your success–and

what to do about it

– How your brain creates disease–and how it can

“un-create” it as well

– How your brain can turn off your immune system–or
send it into superpower mode

– The biggest mistakes people make when they try to

To your brilliance,

Neviem, ako vy, ale ja sa pokúsim nájsť si čas. Ak by som niečo zmeškala, tak do 24 hodín to je zavesené na webe ako nahrávka a dá sa to dopozerať. 🙂

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