Liečivé kamene a naše telo

Ďalší z Vogelových workshopov:

00:00 —The crystal as a therapeutic instrument.You want it as clean and clear and simple as possible.
00:20 —You can program a quartz crystal with e. g. the essense of a ruby.
02:50 —99% of Marcel Vogels time spent on crystals has been on quartz and the typical Vogel-cut© form.
03:20 —We have in our body a unique type of crystal—liquid crystal.
04:05 —The membrame around a cell is a liquid crystal.
04:49 —What structure is water in our body? The water in our body is an information storage system.
• Silicadioxide matches the vibrational spectra of water
• Our energy body is hexagonal and fits together with the hexagonal grid of quartz
05:05 —Thoughts are structuring the liquid crystals in the body and thus binding the water resulting in increase in weight
06:40 —The water in the body is changed. There is a change in pH, in surface connectivity, in the resistivity of the water, also in the infrared and ultrared spectra. The water is chemically changed by just putting a thoughtform into the water through a crystal.
07:40 —Thoughts have the capacity of structuring our body by means of the water that is within us.
07:50 —The key element for structuring our body is the energy transport through crystals.
08:08 —When I hold a crystal like this in my hand, I can store—not only voice, sound, but my inner feelings, the energy of my body. So it becomes a storage element of my body. A dynamic storage element.
09:40 —When you store a charge in a crystal, the information is continually changing. Continually reflecting you, on you put yourself in it. There is a dynamic status to a crystal and a static status to a magnetic tape.
10:18 —A crystal is recording all the time. And you can go in and tap the information and see what is going on.
11:30 —I can put my thought of love and well being into the water through a crystal and then you can drink the water and benefit from it.

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