Je to v poriadku

When the world is collapsing around you, and everything looks like it is going to hell, remember — ALL IS WELL. All is well does not mean everything is perfect in the world, it means all is well within you. Your state of mind is integral to how you will experience life. When you are negative, corrective, reactive, bitter, vicious and biting — you become a component of a vicious world. When you are nothing but pessimistic you are an enabling force of impossibility. When you are positive you are an enabling force of possibility. All is well means all well-ness begins with and in — you. It means you are responsible for doing what good you can with what you have, and any good is better than none. It means in a world of turmoil you maintain the inner-peace and calm to share with others as you interact with them. It means you are hopeful and share the plenitude of your hope with the hopeless. It means you see the problems in the world clearly, but you also look for and see the solutions. All is well is a form of courage; it is courageous to be positive in the face of negativity. All is well is a form of gratitude; it is grateful to be thankful, even when things are not perfect. All is well is a choice for how you will live out your days. When you start your day tomorrow, and when the stress and pressure is on you, just remember, that as soon as you accept the moment for what it is — all is well.

— Bryant McGill

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