Smrť spirituálneho učiteľa


Nobody has ever become awakened.
Some of the least awakened ones are the ones who think they’re the most awakened.
Awakening is the biggest joke of all.

…Nobody had ever transcended the body, lost the ego, gone beyond the mind or extinguished the separate self.

What separate self? A laughable notion.

Nobody has ever reached the finish line.
There isn’t one.
Finish lines are only for the mind.

The heart has no interest in finish lines, anyway.

So many claims.
So many images.
So many stories we tell ourselves, just to avoid our vulnerable humanness, our heartbreak, our mortality.

Fuck being a teacher. I love being nothing. It gives me total freedom to be anything in any moment. And so the teaching emerges from there. From a playful heart. From a beginner’s mind. From the total absence of answers. From the eternal student within.

Beware the one who knows.
Fall in love with not knowing.
Throw your words into the river, friend.
Sacrifice your conclusions for the laughter of a child.

Be pure creativity.

– Jeff Foster

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