Pomýlené ezo-pravdy nás odrezávajú od reality

“Comforting platitudes, which are very popular on the social media today, sometimes undermine our desire and ability to think and feel and sense for ourselves. They also make an intelligent conversation difficult. Here is my rewriting of a few classic ones.

Tomorrow will not necessarily be better than today (it may in fact be worse). The heart does not always know what’s best (it’s often helpful to use your brain). What’s ‘supposed to happen’ doesn’t always happen (if it did you would have no free will and no possibility of choice). You don’t always deserve to be appreciated (especially if you show little appreciation for yourself and others.) Love, however you define it, is not the answer to every question or problem (if I needed any kind of surgery or just to have my car fixed, I’d like someone who knows what they’re doing, not someone who loves me). The list of obvious absurdities in the form of platitudes is endless, and you can find them daily on Facebook.

As an ongoing experiment, explore seeing and freeing yourself from platitudinous thinking whenever you can, and try to be honest about things as they actually are. This will demand great awareness of your chronic beliefs, assumptions, and expectations, as well as the willingness to question them sincerely, however uncomfortable such questioning might be.”–Dennis Lewis

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