Uvedomenie nik nezapríčiňuje

I’ve found that there are thoughts and awareness of thoughts. There is no control of this. One day you wake up and are aware of something you were never aware of before. What was there, is now seen in a different way. Ive noticed that sometimes…EVEN with awareness and a strong desire to change, certain behavior still happens. It may not be as extreme but it happens. So what I learn from this is that thoughts and actions that come with those thoughts, are not in anyones control. They are playing out until there is enough awareness to completely see them for what they are . Then they simply stop playing.
To the mind this appears as the “doer” has done something to effect change. In reality , no one has done anything. Change has spontaniouslty occurred in accordance to Aware presence…patterns playing themselves out because there is awareness of them. In Aware presence , the dream of the “doer” unravels.

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